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I couldn’t be happier with my Briggs – Style Dory from High Desert Dories. Andy’s attention to detail is unparalleled, and as the years and trips go by I continue to notice small features that make the boat perfect. My young kids love the flush decks and seats, and I love how the light boat handles.
Recently, on a boat ramp, someone came to look at Andy’s handiwork on the interior of my hatches. He’s trying to prevent his hatches from coming unglued where they’re stepped on, and showed me how the ingenious supports under each hatch on my foam – core Dory shed water and support jumping boatmen. It’s apparent this design came from decades of trial and error. The custom outfitting also makes the boat dreamy. Andy helped me engineer a transom cutout for a small motor, since Cataract Canyon is my backyard run, and I frequently push across the reservoir. I also valued his opinion when I’d throw out an idea and he’d politely tell me why it stunk. Months later I’d realize he was right. He’s already thought out (or endured) many of the potential problems one might encounter, so I didn’t have to repeat them. I thought about dories and plans for years before hiring Andy, but nothing came to fruition. My only regret is that I didn’t do it ten years earlier.

Tim Payne
16’9″ Briggs-style foam core “Unless”


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  1. Hey Andy….am seriously considering building a dory and would love to talk with you about it…am from Driggs,Idaho but spend the winters in Durango…talked with you briefly a couple years ago…have been a boatbuilder for 40+ years…mostly canoes, kayaks, sailboat, and drift boats…..ONLY wood of course….as my shop is in Alta, Wyoming(7 miles east of Driggs,Id) i don’t have my big floor tools here….was wondering if i could buy the pre-cut panels,plans,etc. from you….do you CNC the panels or loft/cut yourself…have built 2 drift boats using stitch and glue and a 20’sailboat all using Bruynzeel marine ply…i use System 3 epoxies….incidentley…i bought Don Bendal’s dory when he picked up Days of Summer from you….am heading back to Teton Valley tomorrow and won’t be back to Durango till mid Oct.Hopefully we can talk over the summer….my telephone # is 208-709-1754 and email is

    • Hello Lou, Thank you for the inquiry. My services include: Shaping a hull with bulkheads to finish or full paper patterns for sides and floor with a booklet in stitch/glue style of building for marine ply or foam-core construction. Pre-cut panels are difficult to ship (being close to 20’in length), and the floor being 16+’. Please give me a shout if I can help in either of these forms for your desired build?
      Plans sell for $400.00 with a 25 page booklet, recommended suppliers and e-mail consulting.
      A shaped hull with 6 bulkheads: $5500.00.
      My e-mail:
      Phone: 970-769-3221

  2. This last winter I broke my leg and have been seriously looking into building my own whitewater river dory. I have been reading Roger Fletcher’s book and built one of his models of the Mckenzie with transom using the standard “old school” rib design. He actually mentioned you as a good contact for questions and help along the way for when I decided to tackle the full size project. I have noticed that you do a different method without using ribs and am very curious on how everything hangs together. I see that you use a foam core material too. I live in Aspen colorado and plan on starting this project sometime this summer. Of corse I want to get a trailer first and potentially come to Dolores and see how your boats differ from the briggs style dory explained in his book. Thank you so much for your time and i look forward to seeing a HD dory in person. take care Andy.


    • Hi Casey, I’m sorry to have just caught this message…4 years late! :( Word Press my web server fails to notify me about in coming messages…At any rate I hope you figured out a river vessel and enjoying it on the water? Certainly a good year upcoming. To answer the question about my designs, yes they are Briggs Shaped, and though I have built some with a foam core, I mainly use Marine Plywood as core in the Stitch and Glue method of construction. Thanks again for the inquiry Casey. Stop by if you’re passing through Dolores. Cheers, Andy

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