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Of the many wonderful pleasures in life one of the greatest for me is witnessing a master at their craft. From his connection to the legends, experience on the river, and the comprehensive knowledge of river dory boats, Andy has it all. With my reasonable carpentry skills and Andy’s guidance I now have a work of art. If you want to build your own boat and want it to turn out perfect, you need Andy!

Dr. Eric Breitenbach

Hello Dory Lovers

 Welcome to Dory Land – a note from Andy

I’ve been building, rowing and following this passion since I first laid eyes on whitewater dories in a book entitled Hidden Canyon, by John Blaustein.  I then saw these boats on the water, back in 1982, and fell immediately in love from my simple kayak.

Since finishing my first dory in 1990, I’ve shaped 20+ of these boats, one hull at a time for folks who wish to realize that same dream. From patterned kits to shaped hulls and highly customized fishing or whitewater dories, I am at your service.  I also specialize in boat repairs and renovation of historic dories and driftboats. Also, I’m your source for oars, trailers and other hard-to-find accessories, such as oarlock stands, custom oar wraps, lettering and artwork. Get in touch and I’ll assist you with your dream boat.

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