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Please join us in our dories for this year’s journey on the Green River through Desolation and Gray Canyons.  We are catering not only to dory lovers, but also to artists and musicians this year.  Have a look at our invitational.

Drop us a note on our blog to sign up, or call Andy at (970) 882-3448, or for more information go to:

Moki Mac River Expeditions

Sign up under “Green River Dory Odessey”.


Dory Trips — 19 Comments

  1. Hi Andy,

    My name is john Roumpf, I am very interested in learning more about the dory boats you are building and would love to join in on a scheduled float trip. I am down in Albuquerque, but travel to Durango often so you are not too far away. Would take some scheduling on my part but if you need volunteers on any production process days and could give me a little notice I would love to help.

    thanks, looking forward to meeting you some day.


    • Hi Jeff. We have a Dorymoon Expeditions in the planing stage for 2020. We are looking at doing an extended Desolation Trip on the Green River, Mid-May. We are happy to put you on the wait list if you wish to send me your e-mail. Or give me a call on Cell: 970-769-3221. Thanks for the inquiry.

  2. Many of Martin’s early boatmen continue to row dories for us today and the entire organization takes great pride in carrying on the dory tradition in the Grand Canyon as well as on other rivers of the West.

  3. Jim Hill, literally gave me the shirt off his back at Lees Ferry about 2 weeks ago. I would love to personally thank him again, its my favorite shirt. Can you send me his e mail address.

    Wally rist

    • Hi Wally, Glad to chatted with Jim. Kate, my wife says she had b-fast with you the next day as well. One of these days, I hope to get to meet you as well.
      Here’s Jim’s e-mail. (It’s Jim Hall, by the way):

  4. I would love to take this trip unfortunately it was held four years ago. Are you planning anything for this year – 2016 ? —

    Ed Q

    • Hi Ed,
      Yes, we are doing a trip on the Rogue River this summer. 6 dories and some support rafts, going all the way from Grant’s Pass, OR out to the Pacific. The Trip was fully booked by the end of January. Sorry not to have dated my website about our past few summers of trips. I’ll keep you posted for next year. We are planning on an extednded Gate’s of Lodore Trip on the Upper Green River from Flaming Gorge Dam to Split Mtn., then turning around a doing a Yampa Trip. Should happen about mid-May, 2017. I’ll keep you in the loop. Thanks.
      Cheers, Andy

      • I hope so – Haven’t yet made it out to Oregon [or any part of the Northwest]might get there someday if the RV still runs. Are you still rowing the Sandra for Canyoneers ?

        Ed Q

  5. Hi Andy,
    I found your site while generally browsing for Dories. I am a home builder/woodworker in Taos, NM. I am also a novice river runner, I currently am paddling a whitewater canoe on the Rio Grande. I seem to have developed a fondness for the wooden dory. It’s lines and the way it sets on the water intrigue me. I would like to build one, however impractical, and to be able to speak to someone with experience would be a great help. Do you have plans or any ideas as to what my next step may be?
    Patrick OBrien.

    • Hi Patrick,
      Thanks for your inquiry. I would check-out, first of all Roger Fletcher’s book Drift Boats and River Dories:
      It’s a wealth of info. on the origins of these boats up in Oregon. He includes stories/history behind the boats and builders, model building and plans in the traditional construction of plywood on frames/ribs.
      Please e-mail me if you wish to proceed with my options in the stitch/glue style of construction (Wood/Epoxy).
      My options include:
      1.) Full Custom finished whitewater dory.
      2.) Shaped hulls to be finished
      3.) Boat build Plans (Stitch/glue).
      4.) Extras (oars/oarlock stands/specialty hardware/custom painting/accessories-flip lines/boat covers/padding, etc).
      My e-mail is:
      Or call me at 970-882-3448
      Cheers, Patrick

  6. Hello my name is Ande Lloyd and I am 17 years old and love boats. I aspire to be a great craftsman like you and am building my first wooden dory. It is 8 feet long and probably won’t be up for some serious white water but I would like to say what I think your doing is really cool. Some day I would like to build my own dory and row the Grande Canyon.

    • Hi Ande, Good to hear you are building a boat and I appreciate your compliments! Where do you live and how many trips have you done, rivers, etc.? I would love to hear more stories and perhaps get to meet you some time. You’re welcome to come by my shop in Dolores, CO (when I’m not guiding) and we can talk boats/boating.
      I’m sorry this response took so long, as I’ve discovered these notes have been stalling-out in a spam filter. I think I have it resolved.
      Cheers, Andy

    • Hi Jackie, Sorry for the delay in responding to your question. (These notes have been going to Kate’s computer and get lost in her filter). WordPress finally notified me about this. Anyway, good to hear from you, and glad you know Kate from boating. Yes, we did a trip this year (aside from Grand Canyon), to answer your question. It was up on the Yampa/Green, and was fantastic. We are planning on a float next July(2014)from Loma to Hite on the Upper Colorado, and will be about 12 days. I’ll make sure you receive the invite this time, and will plan-on updating the trips section of my website. Would be thrilled if you could join us on one of these, far-from-the-maddening crowd floats…in dories. Cheers, Andy

  7. Hey Andy,

    Paul here again. We “chatted” a few years back and talked some shop as I’ve built a number of boats myself. I’m actually in the middle of rebuilding a Tatman. Anyway, after 22 years my cousin from Durango had his permit surface. Looks like we’re hitting the Grand next July. Now, I’m obviously really interested in running a dory vs. raft rig. My prob is that I don’t have a white water rig! Crap. I was thinking of maybe decking the Tatman, or maybe even asking how much you might charge to take the hull I have now and turn it into a white water boat. I’d guess that’s be about a 10K proposal at least.

    Do you have any other ideas? For example, if I could rent one from an outfitter a leave a full replacement deposit, I’d go that route. Anyway, hope your well and look forward to hearing from you on the subject. THanks much!


    • Hi Paul,
      It’s embarrassing that I never responded to your note. My blog through the website (as it turns-out) shows up on my wife, Kate’s computer and gets lost in her spam filter? Crazy, but WordPress finally notified me with notes I’ve received.
      Looks like you’ve finished your Grand Trip and resolved your issues of floating-it in a hard-hull? did you end-up rowing the Tatman? Find another boat to rent/borrow/buy-? How did your trip go, etc.? I know you had good flows of 18k (highs), Always fun/exciting.

      At present, if you are still searching for a hull, my best suggestion would be to purchase a used boat of which I know 3 that are currently available. All plywood/composite, whitewater dories, fully decked and around the 10,000.00 range. some have trailers/oars. All very sound, beautiful vessels. Let me know if you wish to pursue this. Otherwise, I can offer plans/partially-finished hulls/and or a new, custom boat from my shop? Let me know. Cheers, Andy
      My # is: 970-882-3448

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