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Andy and his wife, Kate, live and work in the tiny, rustic town of Dolores, Colorado.  They both run dory boat trips throughout the Colorado River and Green River systems, as well as on their home-town river, the beautiful Dolores River.





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  1. To:andyhddory Details Slideshow
    Dear Andy

    It was a pleasure talking with you this morning. Looking forward to your emails with the picture that you referred too. Have a great upcoming float trip. Looking forward to future conversations. Borys

    • Hi Borys,
      Yes, enjoyed our boat chat. I’ll send some pics of the paper patterns and boat shots soon. Thanks for getting me your e-mail.

    • Hi George, Sorry not to have responded sooner? This site rarely informs me about messages, and I’m now updating a new computer, so hopefully will keep more up to speed?
      Yes, I have a copy of the blueprints for a Cataract boat. I’m happy to lpan them to you if you’d like? Another freind, Marc Tittle built one a few years ago, and used the plans. He lives in Grand Junct.
      Let me know? my ph. contact is: 970-769-3221 Cheers, Andy

  2. Hello Kate and Andy!
    I really like your website. Some great photos. I am curious if you are around this summer. Think I’ll be one The Dolores May 1 -6. Very excited! I would love to come see your shop. I’m toying with the idea of building a boat…what!!! I know. Toying, at this point.
    I hope this finds you well. See you downstream!

    • Hi Angie! I’m finally seeing this note from you! Not sue when you wrote it, but yes we are around most of the summer. I’ve put in for a few trips in GC (June/July/Sept) w/ GCE and OARS, but yet to see schedule? We are also doing an extended San Juan trip, mid may, launching at Four Corners. It would be great to see you again? Lora Fallon was through a while ago and gave us a few Angie updates. Think snow! Stay in touch!

    • Hi Garret,
      Yes, I’m still offering plans that are full, paper patterns of side and floor, with a 25 page booklet describing the “stitch and glue” process of construction. I you could e-mail me that is best to help discuss details and I can send you pics as well. Or, give me a phone shout.

    • Garret, Thanks for the question.
      Stitch and glue construction involves tacking pieces and parts of hull together via “deck screws” or wire, after sides, bulkheads, floor, etc, are cut out. The process is followed by “tack fillets” in between the stitching to hold parts together to cure. Tack screws are removed, post cure and a min fillet is applied with a seam tape cap. All the parts of boat installation, down to the decks are fastend in this manor to completion. Most parts of boat are “sheathed” with fiberglass and epoxy, followed by a “flow coat”, prior to filleting and joining pieces/parts of boat.
      My plans include patterns for side and floor (footprint), and a 25 page booklet describing the process of sheathing and shaping the hull, deck ideas and hatch sizes. i also include e-mail consulting during your project and offer specialty parts, such as oarlock stands, oars, oarwraping and trailers. Give me a call if you need more info.? Plans sell for $390.00 and take me a day or so to make them up and get them mailed once I receive payment. Thank You, Andy

  3. I understand that West System epoxy does not hold up well under sunlight. How do you prevent deterioration? I know prices vary but what is the approximate cost of materials to build my own double ended Grand Canyon Dory?

    • Hi Skip.
      West Systems does deteriorate with ultra violet exposure. You need to sand and paint it with a polyurethane enamel, or comparable oil-based enamel, or go with U.V. resistant varnish ore Bristol t.m. finish (for a natural looking hull).
      Approx cost of building your own (finished) dory…varies. It depends if you wish to go with the rib/frame style of construction (with little or no fiberglass). Way cheaper, or Stitch/Glue style, which is the way I’ve build most of my hulls over the years. This style with my plans runs in the neighborhood of around $9,000.00. The frame-style runs around $5,000.00. Stitch and glue style hulls are a fair-bit stronger than the plywood on frame style. One can always build frame style and add fiberglass/epoxy latter. Hope this helps.

  4. Andy, I have a Derald Stewart 16′ double ender that needs some minor fiberglass scratches fixed and then refinished. I am hoping to do all the prep work before I have a professional spray the final coat. I don’t have a garage and am wondering if you have any unique ways for me to flip the boat so I can work on the bottom, This understand that this boat is the only boat Derald made completely out of fiberglass, it ways approx. 400 lbs empty. Any Ideas will help. thanks

    • Hi Nils, Good to hear from you. The means for rolling a boat over “safely” and manually is to use boat “seat cushions” (You’ll need at least 4-6 of them, or a sufficient padding) to lay under the chine when rolling. Invite several of your friends (3-4+ people) over (having a 12 pack/beer helps entice). Slide at least-2 pads under the chine at center of boat (under the oarlocks area) and then 2 or 3 folks will lift and tilt the boat up on to chine edge and bring it to vertical onto gunnel edge. You’ll want 1 or 2 helpers (on other side) to catch the boat or hold it at vertical while the lifters from other side walk around and help rotate/lower the hull down to land upside-down onto top of bow and stem posts with pads being placed under the post tops. (before the now, upside down vessel “settles” on top of them. At this juncture, one can raise-up the height boat for more working ease, by laying crates (or 20 ml ammo cans) with padding on top of them under the gunnels on all four corners, just behind stern and stem posts. One can use one side as fulcrum , while sliding opposite-sides forward (or back) towards stem and stern posts on all “4” corners, doing one corner at a time. This should raise the bottom of where the posts are resting, off the pads and floor.
      The “re-inversion” process pretty much goes in the opposite order here. The more pads and help the better, to a degree..
      Or using a front-end loader, bob-cat, winch, or hoist if available…Good planing is fairly key to safety and success, like running a rapid.
      Best of luck and send pics of your boat sometime.
      Thanks again, Nils

  5. Andy
    I’ve been reading up on dories and had planned on building a smaller version for fishing east cost rivers. After being coaxed to finally apply for a grand canyon permit I was fortunate to win a permit for July 2016. Now the thought of building a fishing boat has shifted to building a decked dory for my first trip down the Colorado.
    I saw a page where someone was building a boat from plans he purchased from you and was wondering if these plans are available.
    Please let me know if you like do sell plans.

    • Hi Brian.
      I apologize for this response taking so long. (My Website mails don’t get to me all that often and I’m currently having it re-done).
      Thanks for your questions about plans to build a Grand Canyon Dory. Yes, I do still make plans for folks for the classic GCD transom model (16′-9″) or a double ender (17′-9″).
      They are for stitch and glue style construction and include a full paper pattern for the side/s and floor, along with 25 pages of recommended assembly. I include e-mail consulting and a list of recommended suppliers for materials. They sell for $390.00. Best to contact me via. my main e-mail: ( or give me a call: (970-882-3448). The plans take me a few days to make-up and produce, and I’ve sold a # of these to folks over the years with great reported success.
      Thanks again Brian,

  6. I would like to build my own dory, and I understand that you have resources available – such as plans, instructions, even pre-made parts. I am interested in exploring any options and/or resources you may have available. Please get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!

  7. I got some good photos of two people in the Oljeto Wash on April 30, 2014 on the Colorado. Would be happy to share.

  8. Hi Andy,
    I talked to you a few years ago when i was thinking about buying that Briggs “Rogue River Special”, that I rebuilt. I have thoroughly enjoyed her while floating the Upper C, Ruby-Horsethief, and the San Juan. I love Gerry’s design and the way she handles, but she’s a fishing boat – not a big water dory. I’m ready to build something that has her characteristics, but with covered decks and white water capabilities.
    I’m hoping you can point me in the right direction as to what boat plans I should look at.( Or maybe i should just liquidate my “fleet”, and have you build me my Dream boat!)
    Cheers! Hal Jaeke, Fraser,Colo.

  9. I’m thinking about selling all of my rafting gear and purchasing one “do it all” dory boat. I have no idea what they cost. I run most rivers in Colorado, New Mexico and now in Montana and Idaho. I do fly fish but my passion is just being on the water. Can you send me some information regarding your boats?
    Mike Reddy

  10. Hey Andy,
    I would like to chat with you. I’ve tried the email on the webpage, but it comes back “undeliverable”. Could you post a corrected email, or just drop me a note? Thanks!

    • Hey Buck, Thanks for the note to my website. I’ll keep my eyes/ears open for 9.5′ Smokers. (Used-?). Otherwise, I’ll be placeing an order in Jan. for up-coming season, and I’d be happy to order you some. Let Me know. The price is in the $265.00 realm, but I’ll let you know when I get the 2013 price-list from them.
      Cheers, Andy

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