The Craftsman

Andy Hutchinson, master craftsman, has been building, repairing, and remodeling dories and drift boats since 1991.  He carefully chooses the best materials for the desired type of construction.  Coupled with the best-proven design, these attributes raise the bar to the highest standards available. This sets High Desert Dories apart from others that build boats, and the track record speaks for itself.  Plus, he is always available to share stories, design ideas, and knows about every rapid on rivers throughout the Colorado Plateau.

“I work on one boat at a time, in a little shop in Dolores, Colorado. Hard-hull boats, especially dories, are my passion, and I ensure quality attention to building, every step of the way.  I think you’ll find that my boats are among the strongest and lightest on the market, because I never “cut corners” in my production.  I want to share my passion with you in your dreamboat! Let’s talk.”

Rowing solo through Cataract Canyon on the Colorado River